Today’s post is dedicated to Egyptian people, civilians and miltary people, that have given a great example to the world with their courage, strenght and no-violence.

A few tweets there to remember this moving day, that opens a new era for Egypt, Arabic world, and probably the whole world. Winds or 1989.

These tweets are full of hope, proud and also humor:

Uninstalling dictator… 100% complete
████████████████████████████ #Egypt #Jan25 #Tahrir #Mubarak
installing now: egypt 2.0: █░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░…

Ordinary people making history. V proud moment.

I am optimistic. The military will be for the people. The new government will experience birth pains This is the nature of growth.

We don’t need any more proof that young people and collective action can change the world.

Joke : “After ‘Victory Friday’ in Tunisia & ‘Liberation Friday’ in Egypt Gaddafi has decided to abolish all Fridays”.

People from all over the world are tweeting: Dear Egypt, don’t worry about the tourism money you lost over the last 17 days. We’re coming!

Sending love and light to #Egypt! You people are an inspiration & the world has learned so much from your tenacity and spirit for change!

“I was born the week Mubarak assumed power – in all my life I have never seen the streets of Egypt erupt like this”

A Historic Day #Feb 11 – Nelson Mandela walked free from Victor Verster prison on this day, in 1990. #Egypt #Africa

Thank you People of #Egypt for what you have shown us all about democracy, youth, hope, dignity & peace.

Paulo Coelho
The world only gets better because people risk something to make it better. Congrats Egypt.