Livichuco community is located in the Bolivian Altiplano, near Challapata in the Oruro province. It is a small village located in what was once the colonial road between Oruro, Potosi and Sucre. At that time, Livichuco was a “Tambo”, ie a place where travelers stopped to rest and relax. Today it could be a destination for people who would like to completely disconnect from they daily life during holiday… Livichuco looks like a place that has been suspended in time, in the middle of the desert.

Livichuco is one of the places you can discover through the excellent Tusoco Network, a Bolivian Community-based Fair Tourism Network.

The Tusoco Network is a non-profit association, which is formed by the Bolivian community-based fair tourism organisations and is managed by them. All over the country, from the Amazonian rainforest up to the Andean peaks, from the most tusistic locations (Salar de Uyuni, Titicaca Lake…) to the most remoted and unnown places, indigenous and peasant communities have created organisations that offer discovering of the natural, historical and cultural indigenous heritage, while strengthening indigenous peoples identities and developing communities in a sustainable way.

Tourism helps these communities dynamize activities such as handicraft and services for the travellers – lodging, food, guiding or transportation – parallel to their traditional agricultural or mining production activities.

The inhabitants of Aymara origin from the Livichuco community give the tourists the opportunity to stay for a few days to share their way of life, to discover how they make the Andean fabrics or to hike on an ancient Inca trail.

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