Communication on encouraging and transforming stories in the fields of peace, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, human rights, access to health and food security




In this world millions of people give daily, through their actions, an example of courage, solidarity and creativity. These examples are contagious and IOSPHERA’s objective is to transmit them.


IOSPHERA is a network of people who want to give visibility to ideas and projects that are based on a sustainable and social vision of developement, and to people and initiatives generating peace, tolerance and solidarity.

Through our communication work for NGOs (visit we constantly investigate on encouraging initiatives that propose an effective way of dealing with the global challenges of the XXI century, like unbridled consumerism and the ensuing imbalance in the global ecosystem not to mention exacerbating social inequalities. We believe that transmiting these projects are a good way to create awareness on the need and the way for a change.

Find out and forward these ideas and experiences about social economy and sustainable development as well as peace and human rights! There are many and they can be an example of o model for new ones.

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